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Aircraft And Helicopter Sales

Whether buying or selling an aircraft, getting expert knowledge will ensure that the transaction is hassle free leaving you with more time to focus on your core competency. Deal after deal, we've produced the kind of results that win repeat business and referrals. The rate of growth of our transactions stands testimony to that. That's how we've grown to be a leader in executive aviation providing new as well as pre-owned aircraft.


Why choose Aurea Aviation?


  • Dedicated aircraft sales division providing turn-key solutions and not mere brokerage.
  • Exclusive jet, turbo-prop and helicopter sales divisions comprising of specialists who have flown, maintained or sold the particular category of aircraft.
  • Placed over 10 aircraft the world over
  • Provides new delivery business jets and helicopters at competitive prices and time frames.
  • Through our representative offices around the world, we recommend aircraft after visual check and not leaving it to the internet knowledge.
  • Strong pre-sale and prior induction support.
  • Offer access to US registration for customizing, parking and ferry.
  • Team of certified aircraft appraisers


Purchasing an Aircraft In order to source the most appropriate aircraft for our clients, we will:

Assess Client's Requirement


  • Your travel destinations and pattern, which influence your requirements for aircraft range, speed and size.
  • Your requirements of aircraft seating capacity and configuration.
  • Aircraft performance and cost effectiveness vis-à-vis your utilization pattern.
  • Your budget vs. operating cost of suited aircraft.


Aircraft Search & Selection


  • For brand-new aircraft - Draw suited aircraft compliant to specific country CAA rules with best product specifications and informs performance facts in actual operating environment as against brochure claims.
  • For pre-owned aircraft - As against selection via internet, we only offer those aircraft checked physically for condition and history by our team.




  • Negotiate the best purchase price.
  • Extend our strengths in negotiation to equipment vendors and customization centers for the purchase of equipment and customization of the aircraft.


Oversight of Legal Documentation


Our internal legal counsel provides comprehensive legal oversight service to manage all aspects of contractual and legal documentation. The team also advises on the complexities involved in dealing with varying international legislation and aviation regulations specific to the country.


Project Value


We provide our services for a flat fee or a percentage of the final project value, as agreed upon in advance. There are no hidden costs and no unexpected expenses when you buy your aircraft through Aurea Aviation.


Aircraft Management


We can manage your aircraft, leaving you to focus on your core business. The management entails all the operational duties associated with aircraft such as crewing, insurance, day-to-day flight planning, catering, fuelling and handling, parking and hangar, reviewing/paying invoices, retaining and training crew, maintenance oversight etc



Selling your Aircraft


We at Aurea can help maximize your return on the investment with professional and confidential guidance. Our experience, coupled with constant monitoring of the fluctuating trends and transactions that affect the value of all business aircraft, helps us in evaluating your asset while determining the best option for you amongst selling, leasing or trading your aircraft.


Services Offered


Pricing Policy Strategies for the Aircraft for Sale


Regarding the sale of an aircraft we do not rely only on market sentiments alone. We inspect the aircraft, which include check of the additional avionics equipment in the aircraft, component life remaining, any accident incidents, current market pricing and then arrive at final price.


Speedy Sales


After developing an extensive world-wide target customer base through our representative offices around the world, your aircraft will be broadcast to a large pool of potential buyers, manufacturers and other aircraft resellers ensuring a speedy sale.


Advertising through


  • Mass Marketing: We create compelling advertisements placed in publications read by target audiences.
  • Direct Marketing: We develop detailed aircraft reports and deliver them directly to a worldwide network of potential buyers in the United States and abroad (more than half of our sales involve overseas buyers).


Prospect Screening


As your exclusive agent it would be our duty to analyze all offers, filtering out non-serious ones eliminating unnecessary and costly demonstration flights.


Deal Brokering


  • We manage the entire transaction including but not limited to
  • Negotiating the commercial offers for the best possible purchase price.
  • Deal structuring (cash sales, operating leases and finance leases with vendor financing, etc.)
  • Documentation process: Preparation, drafting and delivery of final transaction documents.


Project Value


We provide all of these services for a flat fee or a percentage of the final project value, as agreed upon in advance. There are no hidden costs and no unexpected expenses when you sell your aircraft through Aurea Aviation.